Sheridan offers telemedicine training for staff

Telehealth services are growing dramatically across Canada. According to a recent COACH study, there was a 45.7 percent jump in remote clinical sessions and a 41.5 percent increase in endpoint delivery locations, including community and home settings last year. To meet increasing demand for support staff, Toronto’s Sheridan College is offering a continuing education certificate program to train telemedicine facilitators who can handle tasks at endpoint offices from managing all the telemedicine technology, taking the patient’s vital signs and history, to presenting the case to the doctor at the other end of the video session.

Sheridan is launching its first telemedicine facilitation class this spring, says Peter Gacuk (pictured), program manager, engineering sciences and technology, faculty of continuing and professional studies. “This program enables a new generation of mid-tier healthcare support services careers in the electronic medical offices of today. They’re going to do health information gathering procedures, remote case presentation and they will facilitate the communication and interaction between a remote doctor and the patient.”


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