MD Matrix is revolutionizing the way we look at healthcare today, by connecting a patient and doctor when a traditional appointment may not be possible. MD Matrix is making it easier for patients to get the care they need, when they need it and from anywhere.

Our markets include:


  • MD Matrix allows patients needing medical services and prescriptions to be treated on the spot.
  • MD Matrix physicians are able to make accurate diagnosis and issue prescriptions right away for patients to have them filled on the spot.
  • Currently MD Matrix is running in 30 pharmacies across Canada with ongoing expansion to even more.
  • There are 160 available doctors using the MD Matrix system currently and we are growing.

First Nations communities

  • MD Matrix has partnered with First Care Connect who is working with First Nations communities to introduce this technology as everyday practice within Aboriginal communities across Canada.
  • With MD Matrix in place, there is no need for doctors to relocate which eliminates the issue of difficult physician recruitment and high physician attrition rates in northern communities.
  • MD Matrix will help address many healthcare concerns facing those living in First Nations communities with more frequent appointments with their physicians.
  • The fully integrated Electronic Medical Record system within MD Matrix technology will assist First Nations communities to create more up-to-date and accurate records.

Senior living in retirement homes

  • MD Matrix allows seniors to have necessary medical appointments with their physicians in the comfort of their own home, without the need to travel.
  • MD Matrix is easy and convenient to use and with no travel arrangements to make, on-site medical caregivers can assist seniors with their appointments with ease.

Remote clinics

  • MD Matrix increases the access to physicians by decreasing the need for patients to travel into clinics for regular medical appointments.
  • With MD Matrix, physicians can treat patients from any office, limiting their need to relocate to remote areas and ultimately decreasing doctor turnover rates for remote clinics.

Immigrant and Language Communities

  • MD matrix allows immigrant and language communities to gain access to physicians in their mother tongue.