Bayshore offers ‘virtual exam’ room for wound care

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Bayshore HealthCare is leading a new era of home care with telehealth technology for wound care – and potentially other conditions, too – that can limit hospital visits, reduce treatment times and improve the patient experience.

In the first application of the new technology, Bayshore is treating a patient in Thunder Bay, Ontario through the detailed medical assessment provided by a nurse specialist based in Windsor, Ontario.

The technology integrated into the program is provided by MD Matrix of Toronto. The results have been an unmitigated success for all involved, particularly the patient.

The patient in Thunder Bay has been suffering a deep wound that is not healing well and requires the expertise of a wound care specialist. Bayshore’s specialist, nurse Niki Grady (RN, BScN, CAET, MCLSC-WH), is based in Windsor, Ontario, an 800 km. flight from Thunder Bay.


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